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Unit Price:€ 200.00
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Category:Land entertainment
Across Lithuania
About 2 hours
Required weather conditions
Experiences are available during all seasons
Additional Information
Early reservation is required

Are you about to organise a day out for your active friends? We offer you Archery!
Archery experiences and lessons are fun, exciting and rewarding. Additionally, it is suitable for everyone regardless their age. Don’t forget to set the challenge and see who has the steady hand and could be seen as Robin Hood amongst your friends or who still needs to improve hand-eye coordination. It is a fantastic activity for your family or business partners, who want to get to grips with this ancient and thrilling sport. Whatever the reason and whatever the fitness level you are, you won’t be disappointed with modern equipment. The crossbow is sufficient to shoot at targets located within 25 meters. The 40 LB crossbow can achieve 125 FPS speed. So why not to enjoy some hands-on experience with the weaponry of yesteryear.
Archery can be organised across the country, so everyone can enjoy this awesome sport.

Archery Price
200 Eur,- (please note price depends on the time and number of people)


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