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LED kūbai

4x4 OFFROAD for companies

Unit Price:€ 300.00
Weight:0.001 Kg.
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Category:Land entertainment

Place of event
Vilnius and Vilnius neighborhoods
Duration of entertainment
3-5 hours
Additional information
Reservations are required

Dirt, scores, 4x4 - all this is about off-road entertainment. Traveling through picturesque forest paths, with steep slopes and unexpected slopes, you will get to know the real possibilities of off-road vehicles - it is not only a great vehicle for everyday use in the city or a weekend to the farmstead. Getting to know the possibilities will allow you to sit behind the wheel of a real SUV - you will find out everything with your "fur". And all of this will be organized for your company event! In this way, we will organize a variety of team tasks that will have to be accomplished suddenly in the middle of a forest, or in the middle of a green field in the middle of nowhere. Tasks will involve all the team members and add the adrenaline rush you will experience while driving off-road, you will get a memorable event that will not leave you indifferent!
Riding in the woods, places where "as was" the road is perfect for your bachelor party, girlfriend or birthday party, as well as for entertainment during the company celebration. During the trip on the track you will not only have a specially adapted SUV, but also special tasks! Overcome them!
Do not be afraid to spray a jeep - fear will not change!

Every crew member will have the opportunity to test the SUV himself.
Duration of entertainment - 3-5 hours.
Clothing: Comfortable, free from movement.
All seasons.
We organize events for companies! Off-road safaris with teambuilding tasks, and end-of-life awards for the best team and certifications for all participants!

Entertainment Price:
Routine Route
from 260 EUR + VAT / 1 SUV (3 to 5 people off-road)
Heavy track
from 320EUR + VAT / 1 SUV (3 to 5 people off-road)
Minimum order for 2 SUVs.

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